Testing APIs

Mercury APIs can be used in all languages that support http calls, but if you are interested in trying out APIs easily, we recommend using the POSTMAN tool. Skip this if you don't use POSTMAN.


You can try our APIs inside POSTMAN. You can find all APIs at https://docs.mercury.chat

Click on "Run in Postman" button for open POSTMAN app

When you open POSTMAN app you can set your environment.

Make sure there is "api mercury documentation" in the drop-down menu.

  • instance: currently leave the default value which can be replaced after, by the identification number of the instance for all those APIs that must be specific to that instance

  • url: address of the Mercury API server, you can keep the default address (https://api.mercury.chat)

  • token_api: insert the REST API token generated in the previous section (Get started with WhatsApp APIs)

  • version_api: put the version of API you want to use, see section Choose API URL

And than insert your token_api

Now all the APIs made available by Mercury will be visibile in the left side section of POSTMAN.